Thank you for your patience

I recently made the decision to migrate from Blogger to WordPress after five years with Blogger. I had a good experience with Blogger overall, but these days I’ve had a difficult time finding time to blog on my PC, and I needed a better mobile platform (with two little kids, I find that if I can’t do it on my iPad, it won’t get done!).

All in all, it was actually a fairly smooth transition, thanks to my husband, who understands these things a lot better than I do! I still have some work to do (I would like to change the blog header, for example), but at least all the posts and comments are here. Unfortunately, I think email subscriptions might have been lost in the move, so if you get a chance, please re-subscribe.

Over the next few days, I will be tinkering a bit with the menu and the sidebar, so thank you for your continued patience!