Keeping Your Online Activities from Prying Eyes

“Use a proxy server to keep your online activities safe”

With all the things you have to stay on top of to make online dating worthwhile, privacy is usually one of the last things that come to mind. The unfortunate reality, however, proves that even just surfing sex dating website reviews can have unfortunately consequences if you happen to have a sensitive job or are otherwise already attached. No matter if you know you have something to lose or not, keeping on top of your privacy should always be a priority no matter where you go online. When it comes to online hook ups, however, this is especially true, as not only are these sites most likely to get hijacked with malware, but just being connected to them can affect most of us pretty negatively were the information to ever get out. As is often the case, however, just knowing your choices can be enough to stem the tide and turn things in your favor. Read on for the toolbox of internet privacy.

Proxy Servers: Cheap and Effective

When it comes to getting the most for your money, nothing beats a proxy server. Not only are they cheap, especially when you consider what you get in return, but there are always a wide range to choose from and offer a wide range of setup options. Whether you feel confidentsetting it up yourself, or want someone else to do it for you, there are programs to do everything you want and many proxy servers come with services to help get everything set up according to your situation and preferences. So what is a proxy server, exactly? You can think of it like a bouncer for your computer. While, typically, your computer is at the end of a direct line of contact with the website or server you want to use, when you use a proxy server, instead of seeing you, the website (and everyone using it) will see that server instead. Of course, someone with a high level of network knowledge and hacking abilitycan eventually work their way through. However, the main point of a proxy is to provide a wall that most people won’t bother attempting to bypass.

There are, of course, more sophisticated setups and more secure proxy servers you can pay for. Whether that means setting up multiple proxies outside of Birmingham, or just finding one that really specializes in keeping your personal information away from prying eyes is ultimately up to you. While most of the time a proxy serverconnection is going to run you far less than, say, a monthly subscription to your preferred dating site, we see no reason not to pay up to at least the same amount in order to guarantee your privacy. In the end, how important it is to stay anonymous is up to you. How comfortable you are with your own technical abilities comes should only come into play after you decide how important it is that you have a very good proxy server or multiples of them. After that, it’s technical skill versus the amount of money you want to lay down. Obviously, the more you have of one, the less you will need of another.

Mobile Internet Hotspots and You

“Set up your own hotspot to avoid someone from accessing your files”

Another thing to keep in mind is the option to access the websites in an entirely different way than you normally would. This ultimately comes down to who you are trying to keep unaware of your activities. We mention this mainly because having your own hotspotworks best if you are trying to avoid someone in your private life tracking what you do online, such as a wary spouse. On the other hand, if you are trying to avoid someone who really knows what they are doing from tracking you down from the outside, having your own hotspot just gives them another account to connect to you in the end. Likewise, most internet service providers are going to have some kind of log of where you went and what you did no matter what they say otherwise.

The question then becomes, how important is it to keep you searches for sex dating website reviews to yourself alone? If you want, you always have the option to combine these two suggestions, and use your mobile internet hotspot to access a proxy server which, from which you travel wherever you want. This way, your service provider sees you accessing that server alone and will typically have to dig much deeper to find anything else, which typically is not going to be something they can be bothered to come up with unless legally forced. On the other hand, the more hoops you jump through in order to get where you want to go, the longer the trip will ultimately be, so there is definitely the consideration of convince versus privacy involved. One of the biggest benefits to a mobile hotspot has little to do with the proxy server and everything to do with the fact that it is not only typically harder to listen in on from the outside, but also gives you much more freedom in where you access the Internet. Rather than being stuck in your house with someone peering over your shoulder, you could be anywhere in Birmingham, tucked into a corner booth unnoticed. Check out the popular online dating reviews and find the best dating sites for your UK relationship. Get some interesting tips and advice on these sites to help you out.

Prepaid Cards and How to Use Them

“Use a safe method of payment”

Probably one of the simplest and therefore most easily forgotten method of covering your tracks is just making sure your method of paymentcan’t be traced back to you. While there is no way to really guarantee no one will be able to track search for sex dating website reviews back to directly, throwing in a prepaid card will certainly make it more difficult. In fact, most of these suggestions are designed more around the idea of making it more frustrating and difficult to get at your information rather than completely impossible. The fact of the matter is that anyone trying hard enough and with enough resources behind them can eventually find what they are looking for. Obfuscating as much as you possibly can is the only viable solution for the grand majority of us looking to hook up online. That includes us just as much as it includes you.

Encrypting Your Information

“Encrypt your personal information to make things difficult for hackers”

When it comes to making things difficult for people to track your digital movements, encryption is the top of the list. We put it at the end of ours, however, simply because it is a little more difficult to put together for most people and riskier as well. Encryption of outgoingnetwork traffic is something a little more involved on a technical level than your previous options and will likely require that you ask someone for help. This in and of itself can put your privacy at risk simply because someone knows you are asking. On the other hand, if anyone else comes along after the fact and finds goes through your internet service provider’s logs only to find everything is encrypted, that is often all it takes to stop them dead in their tracks. Unless you give up the encryption key, most available types would simply tack too long to crack through brute force alone to really be worth the time or effort involved.

Turn-offs That Will Ruin a Sexy Evening

There are a lot of things that can really set you back on your romantic evening with your woman. Fortunately, these are the kinds of things that are very easily avoidable, though if you’re a beginner, being naughty can often be kind of a daunting task, and you might be concerned that you will ruin your chances with your woman by making a simple mistake. You’ll certainly still be able to spice up your sex life while avoiding these mistakes that will turn your girlfriend off for the evening, and that’s the most important thing of all. So long as you don’t make these mistakes, you’ll have a much easier time being able to have a romantic evening with her.

The Wrong Meals Will Cause…Uncomfortable Situations

“Eat right to avoid indigestion”

If you’re planning on a sexy evening with your girlfriend, then you really want to make sure that your meal isn’t going to ruin it from the very start. While you might have planned for an amazing dinner at a well-known Mexican restaurant, you might want to rethink that if you want to spice up your sex life in the bedroom that night. In general, certain foods and sex just don’t mix, and there’s always the chance of indigestion really sitting poorly with either of you. It’s just not a good idea to try a restaurant that neither of you are familiar with, that the two of you have had issues with in the past.

There are a few simple facts about sex, and while it’s incredibly obvious that bowel movements happen…that doesn’t make it sexy. One of the biggest turn-offs to a woman will be your rumbling stomach that is threatening disaster, or the impending uncomfortable situation of a possible gassy situation. What we’re saying in general is that you can spice up your sex life without the added spice of a restaurant that will not sit well with either of you, so just keep that in mind when you are planning an evening out before the two of you decide to take it underneath the sheets. You can read some strategies beforehand to avoiding naughty dating site scams. Read this guide to be safe.

Catering Only to Your Sexual Needs and Desires

“Pay to attention to the little things”

One of the biggest turn-offs to women in the bedroom will be your insistence on only doing what you what. Many men don’t realize that they are doing this sort of thing, and that can make for an extremely awkward conversation. Many women will feel uncomfortable in an evening if you are constantly asking for sexual favors, but you are not catering to her needs as well. This can literally make her walk out of your bedroom, so just keep that in mind before you end up being incredibly selfish about your sexual needs.

As we said, many men don’t actually realize how demanding they are truly being in the bedroom. There’s also a difference between spicing up your sex life and only dealing with your sex life, because even if you have some grandiose ideas in the bedroom, your woman may or may not agree with these things. You need to discuss with her at length exactly what she wants out of your sexual relationship, and that will make things much more fun and naughty as you desire in the bedroom than if you are attempting to call all of the shots. Remember, her opinions are extremely important, and her willingness to try new things will be determined by how much you are giving back to her in return. Sexual relationships are a give and take situation, and there is no better way to make them work than by simply talking about what each of you want in great length. Otherwise, she will be angry, turned-off and very interested in simply walking out the door.

The Inevitable Interruptions of Kids

“Get a babysitter”

If you have a family, it’s very difficult to get away for an evening and actually have an adventurous sex life for a change. That’s the same for everyone out there with children, so you definitely aren’t alone. Rather than suffer through the possible interruptions of crying babies or children knocking on your bedroom door, make sure to get a babysitter, or have your children sleep over at a friend or relative’s house for the evening. This will ensure that you and your woman will actually have the privacy that the two of you deserve, and you won’t be turned-off in an instant by the possibility of your kids barging in and ruining everything.

Adding a bit of spice to your sex life really doesn’t have to be difficult in this situation, because it’s simply a way to avoid the possibility that you will be interrupted, and thus, ruining the mood of the evening. Most women will understand the need for this to happen, so just splurge on the childcare and make sure that your evening will remain peaceful and intact without any issues.

Phone Calls from Work

“Definite mood killer”

Just turn off the phone. That’s the best way to make everything line up and work for the evening, and you will not have any issues with work calling and interrupting the sexy evening that you’ve been planning for weeks. If it’s a phone call that you simply can’t miss, then don’t start having sex yet–plain and simple. If you pull away in order to answer the phone, your woman isn’t only going to be turned-off, but she’s going to be annoyed with you as well. She’s going to have hurt feelings because you are prioritizing the phone over her, and that’s absolutely no way to get in her good graces and end up with a woman that wants to come back and enjoy your company in the evening again in the future.

Again, if it’s a phone call that you simply can’t miss (and you can’t keep your hands off of your woman) then make sure you have warned her ahead of time that there might be a phone call that you need to rush over to in the middle of things. If she understands, then you’re golden. If not, then again, you need to wait to start your evening with her after you’ve taken care of everything else. She should be your priority, and not putting her at the top of the totem pole is one of the biggest mistakes men make in their relationships.

In general, there are dozens of other things that being naughty for beginners can entail including huge turn-offs for both you and your woman in the middle of your sexy evening. If you keep these few tips in mind, however, you will be off to a good start to avoiding a horribly ruined evening all courtesy of one little mistake that simply interrupted the entire mood. These might seem like common sense things, but you would be surprised how many men actually skip these kinds of things over and end up making their girlfriends or wives terribly upset with them just because they didn’t do one simple thing to prevent it all from happening. So long as you aren’t an idiot about making sure these things happen, you will be fine and be able to make her evening entirely special, which is exactly what you both deserve.

Which Should You Choose? Google Glass or the Apple iWatch?

Technological revolution is pretty fast nowadays. New gadgets and devices get released in a blink of an eye. What’s considered as an updated device yesterday can become obsolete in just a few years. Two companies have made magnificent leaps in trying to change technology. Apple and Google have fought toe-to-toe just to provide the world the best technology it will ever see. As of the moment, these two giant companies are trying to release or in the process of making another set of epic products. Google already has Google Glass under testing while it has been rumored that Apple has developed the iWatch.

The best things about Google Glass

Google Glass is a unique wearable device that can be worn just like sunglasses. It has been reported that it has a lot of killer features, especially for travelers. It can give you better guidance through its navigation system and allow you to interact in foreign land by making instant translations. It is also easy to take pictures and videos by giving voice command to the device.

Why the Google Glass may NOT be a hot commodity

Google, Apple Targeting Geeks with Wearable Computers

Google, Apple Targeting Geeks with Wearable Computers

Some people do not want to wear glasses. In fact, those who are wearing glasses would gladly give up their glasses for something more comfortable such as contact lenses. Though the appeal of the Glass is pretty different compared to ordinary glasses, comfort issues may arise and people may not be ready to embrace a modern device that is worn over an important part of the body.

Why Apple’s iWatch will attract people

Apple has been known to create highly functional and simple products. Creating a wearable device for the wrist is something that Apple might do. Though the iWatch has not been seen in public and people can only speculate, Apple is certainly going to reinvent a device that can be effectively worn on the wrists. The iWatch will also come with killer features that can be synced accordingly to other Apple devices.

Why the iWatch may NOT live up to its billing

Apple's Answer To Google Glass Has Moved Past The Experimental Stage

Apple’s Answer To Google Glass Has Moved Past The Experimental Stage

Though the iWatch is something to look forward to, it seems Apple has not been very creative in the past few years. The iWatch will just be like any other Apple products, simple and functional but nothing special. It was reported that this device will just work like how the iPhone works, only that it makes you feel a little more comfort.

Google and Apple are certainly at it right now, technology speaking. They are creating innovative products and challenging the creativity of their employees. It’s great that these two companies are going to try to outdo each other. The more they compete the better their devices will be. Of course, this means that consumers will be even happier.

Being Led On In A Relationship

Are you being led on by your partner? Do you like it? Well, most people don’t like being bossed around and telling them what to do for most of the time. That’s a sad reality even for partners in a relationship especially those who take so much pride in themselves. No one wants to be inferior to the other and thinks that those who lead can make the relationship last longer. Or if not well lead, it can also ruin it. It’s a tricky thing because it’s something that’s easily recognized because both at the early stages of their relationship still depend mostly on each other. Well, that’s not certainly the case for most relationships.

Knowing Who Truly Leads the Relationship

Try to figure out or even notice if your partner dodges every word or topic you have to say or even has difficulty catching up with you. If you think your partner has no interest at all of anything you have to say, then there’s cause for you to be concern and question their loyalty to you. In a relationship, honesty is a very important value to keep. If this behavior goes on, you will have to take action and do what’s necessary.

Try to observe if the behavior of your partner is somewhat strange of late like being nervous, conscious, evading questions when asked by you. If you have observed these, then you will have to wonder what your partner might be up to. Ask more questions and weigh the answers, this will give you a hint if your partner is leading you on.

7 Signs That Dating Won't Necessarily Lead to a Relationship

7 Signs That Dating Won’t Necessarily Lead to a Relationship

Friends also play a role in determining who is leading on a relationship. Ask them if they’ve noticed your partner taking charge or leading you on. This is a indication if you still want to go on with it.

What to Do After Knowing Who Is Leading On

Noticing the strange behaviors obviously seen, ask your partner about the truth and directly address the situation. Ask the current status of both your relationship and if there is still a commitment. Pinning down with such questions will bring out a sincere and honest answer. This will help you know what you need to do next.

Knowing the truth will lead to a difficult decision that must be faced by both partners regarding the situation of the relationship. Whatever the decision may be, it must be clear and well understood by both.

7 Signs That Dating Won't Necessarily Lead to a Relationship

7 Signs That Dating Won’t Necessarily Lead to a Relationship

One can also be blinded by love that it wouldn’t matter if they are being lead on or not. The most important thing is there is a mutual feeling and understanding. That is enough to keep the relationship going with no negative vibes or whatsoever.

Which Should You Choose? Google Glass or the Apple iWatch?

Strengthen Your Immune System in 5 Easy Ways

A lot of people complain that they get sick easily. When they get wet in the rain, they will immediately have fever and colds. There are many reasons why people get sick easily but most of the time it is because they have compromised immune system. If you want to be healthy and strong, you should know how to improve the state of your immune system. You don’t have to hassle yourself in this part because you can do it in five easy steps.

Eat healthy if you want to be healthy

As what people say, you are what you eat. Indeed, you must healthy meals if you want to be healthy. Healthy food includes whole grains, green and leafy vegetables, lean meat and seafood. When you eat healthy, you will get the right vitamins and minerals that will boost your immune system.

Stress should have no room for you

You won’t run out of stress if you want stress in your life. However, stress and a healthy immune system don’t mix so you really have to choose which you want for your life. Don’t let the stresses of life get the best of you. If you want a healthy immune system, focus on the positive things of your life instead of focusing on stress.

Be very social

Studies have shown that people who have a strong social background are less prone to diseases compared to those who prefer being alone. It is not wrong to be alone because of preference but when you don’t have friends you don’t have anyone to share your joy and your triumphs. When you have problems, you have to deal it on your own instead of sharing the burden with your friends.

Exercise your way to a strong immunity

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity for Fall

Natural Ways to Boost Your
Immunity for Fall

Exercise you can, whenever you can. As early as six years old, people are already taught that exercise is important if you want to become healthy and strong but unfortunately there are still a lot who neglect this fact. When you exercise regularly, the immune system becomes alert and alive and protects your body from infection and diseases.

Have the right weight

People who are overweight are more prone to cardiopulmonary diseases. You are prone to diabetes, cancer and blocked arteries. This is because fatty acids when they can’t be stored anymore they go to your different passageways. The fatty acids accumulate and block your arteries. Your heart will work more to compensate for the problem. In the long run, you have a high risk of having a heart attack.

5 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

5 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting


Your lifestyle will dictate how strong your immune system will be. If you want to have a healthy immune system, have a healthy lifestyle also. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Have a positive outlook in life always and don’t let stress take control of your life. Once you have a healthy immune system, you won’t get sick easily and in turn you get to enjoy the things that life has to offer.

5 Obvious Signs How Money Ruins Your Relationship

Sometime in a relationship, problems usually arise and it can be pretty ominous in a couple if they are arguing about money. Studies show that 30 percent of couples who disagree about money once every week will more likely to get divorced than those who only agree about finances once a month. An argument leading to a divorce can be pretty bad, but you can still prevent this to happen. Know how your financial problems can possibly ruin your relationship and do something about them as soon as possible.

  1. Not talking about money at all

In order to not argue about it, you and your spouse must have an agreement to talk about money matters in the first place. Set a schedule, even once in a week, to talk about the state of your finances – just like you do on any of your date nights. It’s important that you talk about it for you to be able to tell which decisions regarding money you should make that would be most agreeable to the two of you.

  1. Money can’t buy you love

Two materialistic people would be better off separated when all they think about is what to buy the other to cure a fight. Money could affect your relationship big time when you let it rule your relationship to the point that you use it to “bribe” the other’s affection. It may work for some time, but sooner or later it might come off as an issue that you two could argue about.

I rather love a rich person

I rather love a rich person

  1. Varied spending habits

If you turn out to be the penny pincher and your spouse the reckless spender, there will be a tendency that your marriage will be unhappier than it were if you two both had similar spending habits. The key to this, however, is to just talk it out with your partner and agree to meet halfway in making financial decisions.

  1. Not agreeing whether to divide the money or not

It wouldn’t really matter if you are utilizing a separate or joint account. Either way, you can’t be assured whether it will work out perfectly for you – unless you talk the options out together and agree on which to use. If you often make small day-to-day purchases, then it would be better for you to have separate accounts; it would even be more convenient for your spouse. A joint account will also work out if you both know how to handle your money as a team.

  1. Contributing on debt too much

Debt can be stressful to anyone – how much more can it be to two persons? Don’t let high-interest debts that are seemingly hard to pay tear your relationship down. Share strategies with your partner on how you can pay it off together.

251Don't let money matters ruin your relationship

Don’t let money matters ruin your relationship

Money can be a sensitive issue in a relationship. However, don’t let material things just become the reason for your messed-up marriage. Prove to yourselves that you can do better than that.

How To Sell Your Stuff To Customers

Selling stuff isn’t easy unless you’re an expert salesperson like a lot of people out there. Most people would start wondering how they could sell something worth millions of dollars in just a snap. It takes only one conversation to get someone to say yes to them and no, it’s not magic at all.

There’s this so-called psychological technique that expert marketers use in order to get their customers to say yes. And if you’re an aspiring one, then you have to try these out for yourself and see if it would work the same best way as it did for them.

Don’t concentrate on your sales pitch

It’s overly used and very redundant to hear a salesperson giving their sales pitch. If you’re trying to sell a popular product, your company would probably tell you to sell them the same way. Chances are, the customer you’re trying to convince have already memorized your sales pitch. Don’t settle for less! Know the basics, facts and every benefit that your product could give your customer and concentrate on telling them that without having to sound like you’re memorizing your lines. Concentrate on selling it to them but not on reciting your sales pitch.

Best Ways to Fund your Startup

Best Ways to Fund your Startup

Let them know of your money back guarantee

If there is anything such as a money back guarantee that could give them confidence in your product, let them know about it. If you don’t have a money back guarantee but have a long-term product warranty, make sure to highlight that in your conversation with them. Customers like to be safe all the time. Giving them that information would just make them feel secure if they would purchase your product.

Give them worth and value

Customers really love feeling important and valuable to the company that they might possibly purchase from. They want to get as much benefit as they can get for the money that they choose to give away. Make sure that you give them more value than what their money would allow them to get. If you give them more value, they will feel that your product is definitely more than worth what they would pay it for. Let them know that they are your first priority and you would rather lose than not let them gain anything. And most of all, keep your positive energy while saying that. That will always attract them.

Best ways to sell stuff

Best ways to sell stuff

Giving your customers the best experience even just during the conversation they have with you is the best way to get them to say yes. Make them feel important and definitely needed. Let them know that you want to give them your best because they more than deserve it. Let that positivity eat them whole.